Here we go, what better time to begin than spring?

On March 6, 2010, I drove to Homewood Ski Area for a much anticipated women’s ski clinic. I had high hopes that this would help me elevate my skiing to another level. It was a pleasant drive and I arrived on time. There were two instructors and 4 other women…yes, I noticed they were all thinner than me and from what they said they were likely better skiers. Eventually we hit the slopes and my nervousness escalated. I was the last down the hill requiring extra attention and this only served to increase my anxiety. We then headed to another lift and wouldn’t you know, I fell off the lift at the top. Thus began my embarrassment in earnest. I was paired alone with an instructor and it took forever to get down the hill. We took a traverse back toward the lodge and by this time my legs were screaming in pain and I was in tears from frustration. Ultimately, I rode ski patrol snow mobile down the last bit of the way to the lodge. After lunch, I napped rather than skiing due to pain. When I left, I knew I would not be back. The pain and the complete embarrassment were all I could take.

March 7, 2010 – while hobbling around in pain, I decided to start some research on gyms. COSTCO had a special on membership to 24hour Fitness and I explored this possibility. I phoned the gym (only about 4 miles from my office) and set up an appointment to come in the next day for a tour and a 7 day free pass.

At this point, I should tell you that I now weighed at least 204 pounds. I had been diagnosed with sleep apnea (though I had not followed through with the CPAP fitting). I knew that I needed to make changes and just seemed to have lacked the impetus until now.

March 8, 2010 – I met the salesperson at the gym after work. My workout clothes were in the car. We toured the gym, set up the 7 day pass, and I worked out the best I could with sore legs and no real sense of what I needed to do. That night, I went home and ordered the two year pass from COSTCO along with the 3 session personal trainer package. When it arrived, I joined the gym and set up my first personal training session. The trainer took my measurements (I was actually 208 pounds) and had me do a fitness test. The next day…I was again almost too sore to move.

That was the beginning…or was it?

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