Playing with play food

Intuitive eating describes food that is not necessarily high in nutrients, but is often just yummy, as ‘play’ food. Many items on my forbidden foods list are play foods. I wrote about my experience with Fritos. Later that day, I experimented with a snack sized Almond Joy. As before, I waited until I was hungry (stomach gurgling and growling) and then I took a bite. Oh my goodness it was good. I realized that I had never really eaten an Almond Joy hungry. I also realized that when you are hungry, food tastes better. So if it already tasted good (when you weren’t hungry), it tastes even better. Now some of you may read this and respond the way a colleague and my significant other responded – “of course!” But it’s not a given. I honestly did not know this, had never experienced it. It was quite exciting.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Yesterday was an odd day. I found that I did not want breakfast in the morning. I wanted tuna and a baked potato. So, that’s what I ate. And it kept me full for about 5 hours and then hunger hit. However, what I then craved was a scone from Starbucks. So, I ordered a grande, skinny, caramel latte and a maple nut scone. The scone was tasty, but I’m not sure it is something I will want to have on a regular basis. The latte was just okay.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So this weekend we are headed out to Berkeley. Lots of fun shops, things to see and do, and restaurants. I will continue my exploration, eating with curiousity and only when hungry and see what happens. One thing is guaranteed – I will learn about myself and my food preferences.

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