He had me at, “this beautiful organ”

In 17 days, we have an appointment with our second candidate to perform my cardio-thoracic surgery.  After our first experience, I was a bit wary and wanted to do as much research as possible. So I hit the internet. Amazingly, I found that our potential surgeon has more than six YouTube videos. These are educational videos created to help patients understand their potential surgeries, questions to ask a potential surgeon, the physiology of the heart, and they even include a tour of the heart surgery suite.

Of course, I eagerly viewed the videos and promptly sent them to my boyfriend, my dad, my mom, and my daughter and son-in-law. I also showed parts to co-workers and friends. To a person, everyone agrees that unless something really odd occurs during our appointment, this is my guy.

first do no harm

But how do I know? Obviously he has impeccable credentials. Aside from that, his practice publishes an annual performance report and the data comes from the Society for Thoracic Surgeons. It does not appear necessary for him to market his practice, yet he still produces educational videos so that people can understand and feel empowered to make good decisions. He appears calm, very bright, and compassionate. He actually reminds the viewer that a doctor’s job is to “first do no harm”. When is the last time your doctor told you that?

And yes, he did really have me at “this beautiful organ”. He has passion. I can tell as I view the videos that he really cares about his work and even after more than 25 years of practice, still has a sense of awe and appreciation for the heart.

I will know for certain in 17 days, but at this point I can tell you that I am as sure as I can be without meeting him in person, this is the man to whom I will entrust my heart.

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