Training plan for surgery

  • Get enough sleep (7.5 hours minimum)
  • Train muscles that will help me maneuver after the surgery: legs, arms, abs
  • Do cardio at least three times per week to keep heart in good shape
  • Continue to eat a healthy diet – lots of fruits and veggies, dairy, fiber, and protein (mainly from non-animal sources)
  • Have an occasional glass of wine
  • Start to decrease caffeine (I bought high grade decaf beans at TJ’s and will start to add them to the mix of beans we grind each day for coffee)
  • Keep fluid levels up (at least a gallon per day)
  • Last day for all non-prescription supplements – August 31, 2012 (doctor’s orders on this one)
  • bodybugg comes off on Monday evening (9/10) when I get the massage and will not go back on until I return to the gym after surgery
  • Laugh
  • Breathe
  • Enjoy the wonderful people in my life.

Have I missed anything?

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