Unless you are a grandma, you may not truly understand. But to hear your grandchild exclaim “Gramma!” when you answer the phone is a bliss beyond many others. And when you add “I love you too”, well, there just isn’t anything better.

My grandson is 2 years and about 8 1/2 months old. He has beautiful curly hair and an infectious laugh. And now he knows a knock, knock joke – to be exact, it is his own creation. It goes like this:

Knock, knock

Who’s there?

I see Pepper!

(Pepper is his mother’s new dog and my grandson loves dogs.)

Before becoming a grandma, I had no idea what others were gushing about. After all, what could all the fuss be about. But that changed instantly, as soon as I saw his beautiful face.  My grandson is definitely the product of his mother and father. He is bright, stubborn, and very inquisitive. And he likes things his way. He is unlike them in that he has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis ( and Wegner’s Granulomatosis (

Despite the medications, transfusions, tests, blood tests, and discomfort (at best and pain at worst), my grandson has the spirit of an angel and the energy of the Tasmanian Devil. And a call from him or a picture on Facebook can bring a smile to my face on an otherwise dismal day. The other day I actually got a recording of him singing “Twinkle, Twinkle”. It’s hard to tell what comes after that in his song, but I could definitely make out the two twinkles.

A big reason for having my surgery quickly rather than waiting…my grandson. He and his parents plan to come for a visit this Christmas. My grandson, my son-in-law and I all have birthdays within a week and a half of one another and our grandson will be three this year. It should be a magical Christmas and I want to be well enough to enjoy the visit.

I have already thought about what I will cook, doubling our usual number of lights on the house, childproofing the Christmas tree, and making this a special holiday for everyone. I need my strength to do that. So, in two weeks, as I drift off into anesthesia-induced slumber, I hope to have dreams of that sweet grandson of mine and his wonderful hugs, his sparkling laughter, and the words…”I love you too Gramma.”

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