Where have you been and why does your blog look different?

The short answer is…busy.

The longer answer is that I have been spending time renewing my relationship with my boyfriend. I have also been recovering from some awful cough that kept me out of work for a week, out of the gym for two weeks, and off most cardio for three weeks. In addition, I injured a rib or supporting muscle/tendon with the cough and that took quite a bit of time to heal. Then there is my New Year’s resolution to start de-cluttering.  I have spent a part of most weekends toward that end. This weekend, I cleaned out purses and shoes, cleaned off my desk, decided to part with two large stacks of books, and did some filing. Last weekend, I went through clothing (just the first wave) and made a large pile for give away.

What has not changed? I am still working out – however, my workout is more aimed at cutting. So I am doing lots of supersets and active rest sets, working out six days per week, and on all but leg days, am doing sprints (HIIT). So far I have lost 4.4 pounds, while increasing my lean mass by .7 and decreasing fat by 5.7 (not sure I understand the math on that).

In order to aid in this process…I have also given up all alcohol (that means wine) until at least June 1 (which is conveniently a Saturday).

If you have read my blog in the past, you know about my surgery last September (surgery to repair thoracic aortic aneurysm). I am happy to say that I am fully recovered and the scar is barely visible!

I continue to be extremely glad that I am no longer a supervisor. By this time most Sundays (when I was a supervisor), I would be reaching for a glass of wine and dreading tomorrow. Now, tomorrow is just another day. I take great joy in saying ~ “I have no idea. You should ask our supervisor.”

Another very positive change is my work with women’s issues and eating disorders. These both fit so well with my long range career goals and my personal interests. I hope to begin to move my blog in those directions.

And that my friends, is why I changed the look of my blog. It signals a new phase of my journey and a new direction for the blog. Check back for new posts and thanks, as always for reading!

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