What a difference a year makes: At least I hope – War Eagle!

So, it was a year ago on this day (not date) that I was counting down to my surgery, but even more immediate was the excitement of a new football season for my beloved Auburn Tigers. Unfortunately, it was a dismal season. We lost most of our games.

For someone who has loved the Tigers for 22 years, it was painful. However, as with most things, we have another chance. Auburn has new coaches, a new quarterback, and new hope. So do I. And in six days, the Auburn loyal will get our first taste of the new season.


I have been told that the fall is my best season. I am happiest. I guess that’s at least in part due to the 25 or so years that I spent in school and college; the academic year begins in the fall. Fall always signals new beginnings for me. It marks the beginning of football season, hockey season isn’t far behind, the weather is wonderful (warm days and chilly nights), and the leaves are so pretty. It also means that Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are not far off.

Unfortunately, while I am thrilled about things to come, I am saddened (and to some extent, literally, sickened) by the fire in California. Not only does it pose significant risk to homes and even the water and power infrastructure in the San Francisco Bay area, it has left a cloud over our region. The air quality has been in the unhealthy range for several days. Even in the house I find my throat is sore and my eyes sting. We stay locked in the house, in the car, or inside other buildings in order to avoid as much of the smoke as possible.

One of the reasons that I love living here is the view. Usually I can see for miles out any window. But now, I can see a mile, if it is clear enough. I pray that the firefighters get control over the fire and that this ends quickly.

So, while locked in my home with the air conditioner recycling the air, I take care of the things that need my attention. Paying bills, finishing the laundry, baking protein bars, etc. But ever-present is the excitement about next weekend’s football game between AUBURN and Washington State. And for anyone who might share my loyalties – WAEAGLE!


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