Those sneaky diet thoughts.

Okay…so this is another great post from a different blogger.

Stepping into yourself

There are times when everything seems so easy.  Leaving behind the diet mentality seems the most simple thing.  Eating what I want can be done without thought or guilt.

Then there are times when something has struck me again and I find myself going back over old ground with the same mental fights in my head, the horrid little voice taunting and ridiculing me.  “You need diets.  You can’t do it alone”  “You need to be told what to do.  You’re too stupid to manage on your own.”

I want to lose weight.  It’s not something I can get past, and I don’t feel that it is a flaw of any kind to want to lose weight.  I feel better when there’s less to carry around, and my body feels healthier and happier on many levels.  It isn’t a cure all.  My life will not suddenly be perfect, I won’t…

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