Old voices trying to sabotage me

I will do this differently this time!

This morning, after not sleeping well, though staying in bed for a long time, I got up. I generally log the weight that is best (from Saturday or Sunday) so I weighed myself. 166.6. Really? My nutrition has been spot on, I am working out 5 days per week; essentially I am doing all that I need to do to see progress. And so my old voices (yes, including Chatty Kathy) began telling me this wasn’t working, I would never lose the weight, and on, and on. The number on the scale completely negated what I experienced yesterday when I put on my size 8 jeans.

Yesterday, I wore a pair of size 8 jeans that have been quite tight for several months (since the weight gain). Not only were they comfortable, but there was even a bit of a gap around the waist. I felt great about that all day and knew that my workouts and mindful eating were making a difference. I also noticed that my knees no longer hurt and I have more strength. I am back to running up the stairs.

And then I stepped on the scale… Now I know this stuff. I know that I am both growing muscles and losing fat. I know that fat takes up more room than muscle and that growing muscle can increase weight at times.  I do know all of that and more. But that didn’t keep Ms. Chatty from butting her nose into the situation. Old voices die slowly.

So what will I do? First, I decided to blog about it, to sort of exorcise it from my mind. Next, after I finish my tea and have a cheese stick, I am going to complete Week 6, Day 3 of Couch 2 5K. What’s on the workout today? A 25 minute run without stopping with brisk 5 minute warm-up and cool-down walks on either side. This will be my longest run without walking in a few years. Guess what? This is another sign of my progress. Just six weeks ago, the 1 min run alternated with 90 second walking was really hard. Today, I have no doubt I will finish the 25 minute run. Take that Ms. Chatty!

UPDATE: I did it. I ran the 25 min. My total distance was 2.44 miles. Speed was a bit slower for combined walk/run – 4.18 mph. 3.1 miles (5K) cannot be far off!

Then I checked my monthly totals. In February, I ran/walked 19.94 miles of my 20 mile goal. Today, only halfway through March, I have run/walked 17.85 miles of my 30 mile goal for the month.

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