Four Mothers and a Daughter

Two years later, the sentiments are the same. Happy Mother’s Day!

The EnLightened Journey

Most people have one mother. I was fortunate enough to have four women in my life that filled that role at one time or another. The first woman in this life was Norelle. She passed in and out of my life in less than three years including pregnancy. She and my dad graduated from high schools in Detroit. Norelle was a high school athlete (women’s field hockey) and probably the source of my inner athlete. She was 20 when I was born and I know that she loved me dearly. Within a year of my birth, she became ill and far too late she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She died about two months after my second birthday. However, before she died, she wrote a letter to me that I was given when I was a teenager. I read this letter now and then, looking for clues and insights about…

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