What I’ve Gained from Ditching Dieting + Embracing Mindful Eating

What you can gain by getting off the diet wheel.

Honouring Appetite

Recently we shared this image over at Libero Network. I stumbled across it somewhere in the webosphere (credit to recoverylifeandcats.tumblr.com) and it caught my attention.

We’ve all seen the Special K adds “What will you gain when you lose?” (a topic for a future post…); however, this image throws it back in Special K’s face (*huzzah*) and asks a much more important question:


So I thought I would share the top ten things I’ve gained from letting go of dieting (and my eating disorder) and embracing Intuitive/Mindful Eating.

  1. Self-acceptance: realizing I am more than my weight, more than my body shape or size, more than what’s on my plate, and more than a number.
  2. Peace of mind: no longer beating myself up over what I have or haven’t eaten.
  3. Brownies. And nachos, and chocolate chip cookies, and all my favourite foods.
  4. Time: no longer wasting time tracking calories, fat, carbs…

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