Continuing to Adapt

Before I continue, I must tell you that my chiropractor has gotten me through all of the events about which you may have already read and through all that you are about to read. Words cannot express how valuable chiropractic care can be.

I believe the injury in August occurred on a Wednesday and I continued to work out after the injury. I worked out on Thursday as well, but knew that I was experiencing a significant amount of pain. For any of you who have broken a rib, you know the pain to which I am referring. This was middle/upper back on the left side. It was the kind of pain that kept me from sleeping. And of course, even though we had no reason to believe it was broken – no specific and identifiable trauma – I was advised to only do lower body work and cardio for a while until the injury healed. I also learned that because I have some mild scoliosis, machines that put pressure on my shoulders and spine are not advised. I may not always drive the speed limit, but I do follow my chiropractor’s directions.

For the next several weeks I did lower impact cardio and lower body workouts and in time, I healed. I was so happy to add upper body workouts again. I returned to my regular routines. I even added the 100 day burpee challenge, working my way up from one to two and so on. And then on Halloween (October 31, 2011) while doing 203 pound leg presses, I felt something pop on my left side. This happened on rep 2 and I had only planned to do 6 reps. I did not feel any pain, so though I was concerned I completed the last 4 reps. As I was re-racking the weights I did start to feel some discomfort. I phoned my chiropractor and she got me in that evening before the office closed. We x-rayed the area and the results were inconclusive. I was advised to take it easy, ice the area, and to return in a couple of days. Really? Another obstacle?

Over the next two and a half weeks, I took it slow at the gym and was only cleared to do lower body workouts with low impact cardio and NO LEG PRESS MACHINE for now. This was really starting to get old. Eighteen days after the Halloween injury, there was a big fire in Reno. We were on our way to my office on November 18, 2011 and were rear-ended by a man going entirely too fast and not paying attention to his environment. The light at the intersection was out and he did not appear to notice until much too late.

The initial pain was in the lower rib area that had already been injured. It hurt so badly that I had to have assistance from the EMTs to get out of the car. But then, on the second night after the accident, neck pain woke me up. Of course I went to my chiropractor and we took more x-rays. There was no break, but I was directed to stop all exercise except for very low impact cardio (this means walking) until further notice.

At this point, I have to tell you that I have never encountered so many obstacles, complications, whatever you might choose to call them. Prior to this, any one of these would have been enough to derail me.

So I followed directions and was out of the gym for about eight weeks (yes, 8before being cleared to return. During that time, I developed Scarlet Fever (as I understand it, a more advanced case of Strep Throat – I am obviously not an underachiever!). My chiropractor informed me that people who have been injured in car accidents frequently suffer decreased immune systems due to the stress and my immune system is already decreased due to the medications I take for Ulcerative Colitis. 2011 ended with me recovering from illness and unable to work out.

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