Working a 54 hour week in order to reduce stress?

I am writing briefly and late today because I broke one of my rules this week. Not only did I work 2.5 hours late on Thursday and 3 hours late yesterday. I worked 8 or more hours today. You might ask why I would do this. The answer is short: Stress Reduction. You see, next week is the week before my appointment with my surgeon. We will discuss all sorts of details and may actually schedule the surgery. I want next week to be as stress free as possible and I want to be able to go the gym every evening. In order to do that, I had to work nearly two extra work days (14 hours) so that I could catch up.

I know that it sounds like twisted logic to some, but I know myself pretty well and know what works best for me. Rather than delay the stress and go with immediate gratification, I will function better by delaying gratification and working hard in the short run.

Two other benefits. When I work late or on a Saturday, there are no emails, no phone calls, and virtually no interruptions other than to stretch, walk around, or use the restroom. Also, I can earn comp time which will help cover my time off for the surgery.

The problem with this is that my boyfriend and the dogs suffer. We would have gone to the lake today had I not been at work. And tomorrow I will have too many things to do and will not be able to go play at the lake. So how will I make it up to them? I haven’t figured that out yet. I will start by taking the dogs on a walk this evening (after the sun goes down) and then give them some cuddle time.

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