On my journey: Next stop, San Francisco

We are up early and will be out the door by 7am. My boyfriend and I are headed to the city by the bay for our appointment with my surgeon. I slept amazingly well last night (aided by half of a benadryl and a long workout yesterday – yes I behaved for the most part). Okay, slight detour, I did not totally behave. I did 10lb curls. But I kept my elbows glued to my sides to stabilize my shoulder. It felt so good to have a bit more weight in my hands.

Anyway, as I was saying, we are off to meet the surgeon. We have both printed the directions, I have CDs of my CT scans and TEE along with copies of the reports and some medical records I keep on file. I also have a printed copy of all of the medications and supplements that I take. Snacks are packed, music CDs, my journal for recording thoughts and answers to questions is ready, I have included the book I am currently reading: The Sublime Engine: A biography of the human heart, and of course, water.

Since all of this heart stuff, I have been craving coconut water. I mix 4 oz in 20 oz of filtered water. Turns out that coconut water is good for the heart. Interesting. But I digress. I am going to leave this post rather abruptly and will try to add at least a thumbs up or down (hoping for up) as well as a quick update when we return home late tonight. I promise I will not leave you hanging.

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