Gym hours

I went to the gym today for the first time in several days. Company and holiday preparations got in the way…and I let them. Anyway, the first thing I noticed at the gym was the sign indicating holiday hours next week. They are open until noon on the last day of the year and open regular hours on the first day of 2013. Interesting.

When I worked at another hospital, I was asked to write a guest columnist article about New Year’s resolutions. It strikes me that the gym hours cater to just this issue. If you spend much time in a gym, you know that the peak periods are the first few weeks after the New Year and late spring/early summer when everyone is panicked about bikini season. I always get a little testy during these periods. I feel resentful that these ‘resolutioners’ are using equipment that I need to use.

Personally, I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I do, however, make daily resolutions. I decide each day what my body, mind, and soul need and then act accordingly. This is why I am not beating myself up about extra calories and missed workouts over the past few days. For me, being healthy does not mean that I have to eat clean every day, just most days. I do not have to work out every day, just more days than not. And if I really just want to have a glass of wine and snuggle with my love, I can do that too.

So what are we doing for New Year’s eve? Bowling (light exercise) and having a couple of drinks. Oh, and being grateful that I am alive to see another year! What have you got planned?

4 thoughts on “Gym hours

    • I think that you and I are probably not the only two! One of my co-workers is a weightlifter and she voiced the same opinion today. In fact, she was considering how to adjust her workout (i.e. no circuits) to avoid frustration.

    • Thank you! Sorry for the delayed response. I plan to get back to blogging very soon – with a slightly different direction (eating disorders and living with fewer chemicals in my life).

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