Advice for all of us to follow. I got rid of nearly all holiday sweets by sending them off with the kids and taking them to work. What’s left? The healthy foods I cooked for Christmas dinner and one of my birthday cupcakes.


Today I find myself sitting in that space between Christmas and New Year’s.  You know, that space where most people sit around nibbling on the goodness left over from Christmas while in wait for the celebration of New Year’s.

For some folks, that space in between is the black hole of every excuse under the sun for throwing months of hard work away with that “I might as well wait (weight) until the new year starts”. 

How about committing to yourself to not waste (waist) these next few days with that mindset.  You know who you are.  Especially those who are totally out of the normal routine.  Trust me, your routine is calling you just as loudly as those left-over treats.  In fact your routine is probably calling you just a tad bit louder.

You know you want to feel good.  So get up and moving.  Throw that crap out…

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