The Journey Continues

sunrise 8-19-12

It’s a new day in my journey. Actually, the new day began a month ago today. Four weeks ago, I realized that my exploration of my relationship with food had gotten to a healthy place and unfortunately, that exploration had led to a 32 pound weight gain and a significant loss in strength. While it pains me to confess this, I think it is important to be honest.

Armed with a new understanding of my relationship and issues with food. I got back on a familiar path. However, this time I am bringing new tools. I no longer eat just because it is time for one of my 3 meals and two snacks. I wait until my body says it is hungry. I am eating what my body wants, what it is really asking for – not what my emotions or boredom drive it to crave. And I am being reasonable about my workouts (no more than an hour and generally 30 minutes). Because I am still a bit of a gadget nerd, I did get a Fitbit Force to measure my steps and activities.

So, how is it working? Here are my stats after 28 days:

weight loss: 12.7 pounds (the first week brought a huge drop, successive weigh ins have been less dramatic)

body fat: down .2%

chest: 1.5 inches released

waist: 2.5 inches set free

hips: 1.5 inches vaporized

forearm, calf, and thigh: .5 inches each – incinerated

As a part of this process, I am following the Couch 2 5K program and was pleased to note that I ran/walked just under 20 miles in the month of February. This only includes the three weekly run/walks, not other exercise or steps taken. My goal: June 28, The Color Run –

So where is my head with the weight gain? Honestly, not thrilled. Most of my clothes don’t fit and I am intensely aware of the parts of me that grew larger during my emotional growth period. However, I recognize that without coming to terms with my issues with food, permanent change will remain illusive. Was the journey worth it? Absolutely.

The best news is that I know how to lose weight and get fit again. I spent several years learning how to do this. I know what works and what doesn’t work for me. So there are no feelings of despair, no urgency, and no hopelessness. My 28-day progress is proof of that.

You might be asking…so why have you changed the look of your blog? As my journey takes new twists and turns, the scenery changes. This is a reflection of new thoughts, feelings, goals, and perspectives. And that is where I am after being away from my blog for just over 4 months. Where are you?

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